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A note to those who have applied: We try to keep up with all the "cards and letters" we receive daily from folks who apply for our prestigious awards ;-). But alas, sometimes we fall behind on our work, and we just want to ask that you please be patient if you don't hear from us right away, because we really DO want to check out your feathers and your sites.

Love, Retro

In no particular order, here are the 2003 award winners:
Drum roll pleeeeassee...

Hottest Parrot on the Web Award Winners

Cody the CAG Cody is one HOT parrot! One of Cody's biggest fans says this about him..."Cody, well, no feather picking parrot is hotter than him, what a many bird!"

Romeo the CAG Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou sweet Romeo? Ever since Maggie Mae laid eyes on Romeo the Congo African Grey she has been pining away for him, of course Maggie is a bit of a flirt!
Romeo also holds the higly-sought after "Parrot Page of Distinction" award for his web-mastering talents :-)

Harley's Picture Beautiful Harley, the Harlequin macaw. Harley encompasses good-looks, web-mastering talents (what a great website!), AND is an entrepreneur much like us. Harley has a shop at Cafepress.com, you have to check out some of the great items that Harley has created for the parrot lover!
Go to Harley's Shop.

Sweet Iago Zazu the beautiful Leadbeaters Cockatoo Zazu's beauty is even hard for Zazu to ignore! You have got to go see her other pictures she is gorgeous!. Sweet Iago

Sweetest Parrot on the Web Award Winners

CeeBee CeeBee is a sweety! One look at this pic, and you will agree...What a sweet doll this beautiful 'Too is!"

Sweet Iago Iago the Senegal Iago is soooooo sweet! We think this award was made especially for Iago!. Sweet Iago

Chickel and Lorreke Chickel and Lorreke! These two sweet birds enjoy life with many other furry family members. Be sure to check them out!.

Parrot Page of Distinction Award Winners

Hama-Chan Hama-Chan Hama-Chan lives in Japan. He is a 20-year old Blue and Gold Macaw who has spent most all of his days inside a little cage in front of a pet store. Mariko is a special young woman who has fallen in love with Hama-Chan and is trying to convince the owner of the shop to allow her to buy Hamma-Chan, but the shop-keeper will not. Please show Mariko that we all stand with her and tell her not to give up :-).

Parrot Playground
Parrot Playground This feathered family lives somewhere in Germany, and we took a vote that we should personally go see all of them IN GERMANY and tell them how much we like their website!
Anni, Yogi, Bobo, Peter, Hugo, Robby, Jonny , Aron , Tommy, Lisa, and Alexander have done a wonderful job on their site, and we think you will agree! Robby, you must come out from under the bed now...visitors are here :-)

Cody the CAG Once you check out this website, you will have to agree that Cody and CeeBee have worked long and hard to put together a wonderful site with great articles and a little fun stuff to boot! CeeBee

Kiwi Kiwi the Yellow Nape Amazon. Kiwi has worked hard to put together a LOT of informative great links that most Amazons would be interested in checking out. Kiwi also has a really nice award you can apply for!

Fluffies.org Iago and Zazu's website "Fluffies.org" has a great collection of wonderful pictures, postcards you can send your friends, and information. You have got to go see them!

Beek and Destroy banner
These nice folks are making their own bird toys and for better prices than your likely to find in the stores. Check out their photo caption contest when you visit the site!

Bird Brains Barney, Clumsy, Goose, Jabba, and Poopey have been hard at work creating this wonderful website. Psssst! Retro REALLY likes Jabba a lot - but don't tell Jabba or Ret will be embarrassed.

If you want to know more about these awards go to our awards page.
And don't forget - If you would like to be the proud owner of one of our highly sought-after awards email us!
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