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First the educational part of this exercise:

There are three main components that make up a heaping helping of healthy bird-poo:

Urine, Urate, and Feces are the three parts. How much of each of those parts you will see in one poo can vary depending on the species of bird and their diet. Speaking for ourselves, the picture below represents a good healthy poo - where as a Lorikeet's poo would be a bit runnier - ewwwww.
Because urine is clear (looks like water) it doesn't show up well in the photo below, but it is there ALLOVER, and should always be present.

Chrystalline Urine - the wonderful white to light-beige part of bird poo that splatters so nicely on the windshield of your car when driving.

If your urate looks green-ish or yellow-ish it can be a sign of liver disease. Dark brown-ish urates can mean lead poisoning.


The typically green-brown tubular shaped globs of stuff you see in our poop. Sometimes people think that we birds have diarrhea when there is a lot of urine in our poo - but that is not so. Diarrhea is pretty uncommon in birds and makes our poo look like pea soup. If your bird eats lots of fruits he might appear to have diarrhea. When a bird eats colored pellets or berries, the feces will reflect this by being the color of the food item ingested.

The important thing to remember is to tell your pet humans to use newspaper or paper of some kind in the bottom of your cage - not shavings or pellets. Your human should monitor your poo daily and get to know what it looks like so that they can identify when things are going wrong. If the human sees something wrong with your poo it is best to get you to the avian vet quickly.
There are a LOT of places on the WWW that have LOTS of detailed information about bird poop. You can find them by using your favorite search engine.

Very Healthy Parrot Poo

The SplatRet Test

Splat-n-Retro's version of the Rorschach Test

The creators of this test would like to thank Dot and Dutch for their GENEROUS contributions to the project.

Keep in mind folks, there are no right or wrong answers for this test. However, if your answers alarm us we may just do a quick scan of your computer to figure out who you are and then call the local authorities :-)

The funniest responses (yes, "funny" is subjective - meaning we may think something is funny when no one else does) will be posted for the world to see, if they should decide to come to our website.

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with Rorschach, and if someone is offended by squished bird poo... well, what are you doing surfing a parrot site?

First ask yourself this very important question - Which of the items below best describes you:
We DO use this information when interpreting your feedback.
Perfect Parrot Ordinary Other Less-than Human

Tell us some way you can be uniquely identified (like your fake name) in the event that we post your responses:

Beneath each pooblot is a text entry field. Look at the pooblot and then type what you think it looks like. When you have finished with all eight pooblots, click the "Analyze Me" button.

Begin SplatRet Test:

poo blot 1
Poo Blot #1
poo blot 2
Poo Blot #2
poo blot 3
Poo Blot #3
poo blot 4
Poo Blot #4
poo blot 5
Poo Blot #5
poo blot 6
Poo Blot #6
poo blot 7
Poo Blot #7
poo blot 8
Poo Blot #8
After you have taken the test you will see your award below. You can copy it, and proudly display it on your website! We know what your thinking right now... Whoopie! right?!

And this is what some of you weirdos saw:

Note: Do NOT look at this until you have taken the test, if you do - you are cheating! You wouldn't want to cheat now would you?!
Test-taker's name
Blot 1 Blot 2 Blot 3 Blot 4 Blot 5 Blot 6 Blot 7 Blot 8
Bingo mushroom #2 #3 boob prints Happy face with arm seal butterfly dog head
Beauregard a beagle one of those flowers from Alice in Wonderland the design on the Allegra pil a barbell a very ugly girl with a pony tail an easy chair an ocean wave bringing up debris from the ocean a thumbs up
danielle poo 2 string old cereal e n poo poooooooooooo
DK bridge sad person dog lead eyes pastry tap islands hand
ma air view of land in the ocean duck's head cursive E two snails kissings man's face in a mask letter C germs in the microscope dog poo
isaiah e t fingers the number 2 iceing on a cake eye glasses just ewwwww really had to pee huh i dont know dont care just a mess
juujuubees cave man painting of the first cow impressionist's version of a bored duck it says "slelt" in avian shorthand (must be some kind of code) a melanoma skin cancer - late stage hot fudge over french vanilla ice cream - YUM! the hand shadow puppet of a chomping lady pac man with a hair bun the dna of an advanced race of earthworm the fake plastic dog poop you get from joke shops
Savageindian ancient pictagraph number 2 capital letter Q cinnamon buns clams in batter dead seahorse DNA bird poop
lory masta an extra ugly peice of elephant peaches gone bad this looks like you cat nautilus thong trees in the snow from on top something
Mimi A subject venerating the Snake Queen Fossil of a baby bird Work of a cake decorator on mind-altering drugs The eyes of someone wearing protective goggles after falling asleep in a tanning bed No longer viable bird sperm - note the flaccid tail Sleeping circus horse Jockey riding a two-legged horse My sick and twisted mind!
slime-ball pretzel bunny sleigh bras spider horse party hats chocolate fudge sundae
Biggest Bird Fan Ever:Kristina Thy Vu Japanese face painting #2 rollercoaster with 1 of the cars being flung into the air a strange hairdo from the back and upside-down balloon with a string a dinosaur head paramesium? a worm
Greenchickens-in-the barn Morning after morning after eating peanuts Shorthand!!! Boobies.....hehe Worried....birdie has this one...:-{ Road kill Unicorn Herpes? Healthy meal!
Strawberrie Fields Pretzel Whale You got me! Mustache Cotton Candy Pony side of a mans face Coiled Snake
birdgirl looks like worms doing a dance umm...a Picasso? a typical signature on a cheque whirly-thing-a-ma-jig looking down into a nasty tornado a rearing up horse with a red hat bird flying !! a beauty
Marco A momma dinosaur petting baby dinosaur A sad face slingshot a green bra? ghandi horsey in the sunset windoblown face in profile runny green eggs
Bubububububeth pile of poo number 2 dna two eyeballs tornado a talking cartoon bird bacteria pile of poo
Kitty an island-owned by BIRDS number "2" squeeze out some more mustard- please bra cups-but i wouldn't try it on! no clue! sleeping cat building blocks Looks more like from a dog!
Featherbrain Bessie, the cow. Part of an Atlantic jelly fish. Practicing shorthand. Mummified boobs. A VERY old bridal bouquet. An Embarassed Trojan Horse. Earth, from the shuttle. Worms
Big Bird on 1960 clown blues singer doodle bikini top jack o lantern horse chinese writing fudge sundae
Li'l Miss Kiwi Fat worms on a piece of clay Clay burnt by a hot stick the firecracker worms Human intestinal track Mess in the sand A horse walked by Roaches Oil and foam on the sea
pooed-on 3 people praying. Unknown for which: "more" or "less" poo frowning face "argggggghhhhh, more poo" poo shorthand (x-rated) poo boobs, of course !! stormy poo (as in hurricane) poo reaching out for a hug chinese poo well, very healthy parrot poo of course
Cherwood Heirogliphics number 2 Shorthand "superfaves" spectacles pacman two slugs Arabic writing bird poop
rockit doggie number 2 letter e Princess Leia's braids globe on stand rubber inflatable pool chair butterfly and bees big pile of poo
Babbling Brook lover's kissing lovers writing in script frog eyes alien head with tumor naked woman seaweed in Destin Florida gulf poop
anonymous gross ewwwwwww nasty yuck! gag! retch puke ugh
Charmer too pretzel fancy initials half a bow top half of bikini target baby sucking on mothers teat butterflies belted dutch calf
DH dog with muzzle in bowl of food sad face earthworm one of those brassieres Viking women wear evil little face with a tail human fetus Great Lakes steamy pile of bird poo
Cindy a yield sign at a cross road the capital letter J in written form one of those loop type buttoholes some sort of brains like one of these " @ " a horse embryo , no doubt about it. microscopic view of elephant sperm a chewy chocolate candy of some type
Dash stained glass #2 "the connection failed" embryo twins green smiley face pinchers chromosomes a good eater
lucky kate giraffes number 2 number 3 monster eyes sleeping snake human with arms in hugging position island in sea human hand
Texgal Fingers Frowny Face The letter "e" Sunglasses A snake head Man in bathtub You've heard the term...your sh*t is scattered? Definitely the morning bomb!
kathybird Picasso in his 'poo' period gazelle monogram Marilyn Monroes sunglasses Cheshire cat 90d rotation - 'That Girl' was it telophase? Too much Cherry Jerry Garcia
Birdprincess Silent Scream painting The #2 Ballarina Hawiian Dancer's Coconut Bra Octopus with one leg Ms Pac Man Mexican jumping beans King Cobra snake
Tango An Eskimo and his sled dog inside their igloo with a fire burning in front a very disgusted looking ghost with a grimace on its face simply a curly q under someones signature two blobs of poop hurricane from above a gorilla with its arms wrapped around a big snowball, making a snowman (from above of course) satellite view of a storm system over the east coast of Canada coiled cobra next to a sitting down snake charmer
styles feces feces urine diereaha feces urine uerates healthy
quaker2 a cow head # 2 question mark dirty glasses a snail a horse laying down cells through a microscope a pile of poo
psitacus Ancient Chinese Secret Symbol The number two A Swimming person coconut bra drooping rose Person cradling the head of a sea turtle Abstract painting of a clowns face A really big morning poo
fids four Me worms half of a bow lace earringssnot puick tar bugs chewong tabbaco spit
Parrotlet Mommy Not enough veggies in the diet very sick bird, looks like seed in the poo must be having lots of grapes to be that wet another sick bird on the left, the one on the right looks normal not enough liquids in the diet I would have a major concern if that is a blood spot on the poo pretty spread out if ya ask me are you sure this is a parrot and not a dog?
lucy glasses dolphin smiley face danish pastrys spirt tap slugs dog poo
beca a formula one car a man sticking his toungue out a shower with hanging soap hedgehogs doing a lil handshake thing a girl with long hair a horse a man on a motorbike a baby
Peachie218 Cobra Broken Figure Eight Upside down E Twirls Chocolate Swirl Open Lock Islands in the sea Small night crawlers
DaMama Nativity scene Man on a bike At the end of his rope Big boobs chick hatching Gimme a hug heavy traffic yuk
LadyLong horse's head wasp man sliding things down arm & across shoulder barbell flower fetus Picasso portrait coiled snake
epc terrible messy disgusting runny sick bad sicker messy
Zeke's Slave Grad student at computer under cloud of despair leopard seal eating a penguin Hostell cupcake icing swirl Princess Leia's hair from back Giggling Otter Monkey wants to hug you Nevada pictured from space It's just parrot crap
Birdies from outer space Just eeewww! 2 So picasso poo a pair of poo-glasses! One pig pile of sh*t Blood or paint from the paper? Rushed poo... Looks like Iago's morning drop!
Photonmom Ewww black poo undigested seeds! PDD! where are the urates lots of urates ? Blood! fell from above healthy healthy
Lord Beekus A sheep's head A swan A broken Slinky A big curly mustache catherine wheel firework inflatable pool chair ursa minor bird poo
Cheryl :-) <-but absolutely not related Man indulging in onanism Grumpy face Hostess cake in reverse Michelangelo's God reaching out to man Evil sphincter Woman touching her toes at sunrise Butterfly dancing with gnats The dark void within
Hootie a giant coiled up snake attacking a meditating monk sitting on a rock the number two the number 3 a brassiere a sideways eyeball with attached eyebrow a sillhouette of a little girl playing in the dirt with the sunset behind her the word "avi" sideways a big pile of poop
George cow #2 hostess cupcake decoration glasses don't have a clue sideways circus horse butterfly yuck
Samm unhealthy unhealthy healthy healthy unhealthy very healthy unhealthy healthy
Dharma's Dad Momma Snake patting Baby Snake's Head Number two - and the number 2 The time mommy got drunk while making my 3rd birthday cake A spiral poo galaxy being consumed by a black hole Moo Poo from a black and white cow Snake sniffing its armpit Get a MOP!!! Osama bin poopin
Higgins A sheep with an overbite unhappy scubadiver sausage! hand weights a tadpole Pluto the dog a moose, flipped on its back, without a body Massive poopilation
Julie Lovers embracing the number Top portion of someone getting their hand cut off Seashell top that belongs to a mermaid mmmm...cinnimon roll horse about the jump over a fence Windswept leaves Teddy Bear
Mantispid Sausage Number Snake Breasts Volcano monkey ants Kissing birds
1 1