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We need your help!

Here is the deal. Our pet she-human Mikie, has fallen in love with these two silly little birds. They are Goldie Lorikeets. Mikie has to figure out a way to convince our pet he-human that they HAVE to get these most adorable little birds. So we are asking you to help us come up with the perfect excuse. Sooo please take some time to tell us what you think she should say to him.

Update: These little cuties actually went to another home before we could get them. In the event that other humans may be looking for that perfect reason to convince their significant other that they "MUST have this bird". We will leave these posted in order to assist. If you should have a good excuse to share - well go on! add it!

The Little Angels

Golden Lories

Here are some of the GOOD excuses so far:

I think you should get the Lorikeets because:

A Home that has Lories has no need of art.

if you don't then the upset spirits of the poor adorible little lorikeets wil haunt you forever. there will be no escape then!

it is a highly trained as an aid to the hearing-impaired (notice the PC term!)or those who might one day become so. When the door bell rings, they spring into action, screeching loud enough to wake Lazarus, thus alerting the owner. Don't want to burn that special dinner in the oven? Not to worry; when the timer goes off, so does the bird. Mimi Malden, MA

They are jus they cutest darn things I have ever seen and will probaly ever see! Even their names GOLDEN suggests that they are the best pets that you will ever come across!!!! don't pass up a chance to bring two little angels into your house to look over you and love you!!!!

I want you to march right up to him and ask him, look at those two little bids. Do you really think that any harm could come out of owning them???? What makes you think that those little birds could do anything but brng joy "and maybe a little song" into our lives?!!??!! they are the cutest, most pure hearted birdies in the world and they will make you happier!

If you don't get them then bloodthirsty ghosts will haunt you foreverrrrrrrrr

look at those little faces! and how can you resist those little pleading eyes!

well I think yo should get the birds because they are just the cutest little things. they couldn't do any harm. i mean look at those little faces how could they do anything but be little angels?

well think of it this way they said that they are both little angels so if you buy them you will always have two little guardian angels following you around. Do you really think those two little birds could cause any harm at all? All they want to do is love you and for you to love them and foryou to give them a good home. P.S. pus think how sad they would be if you did not take tem home c'mon it couldn't hurt right. from Katie

good excuse=I think you should get the bird because... They should definitly get those birds because they look like little green and red angels and need a good permanant home with a good human to take care of them. Another good reason is it will give the human a good sense of responsibilty. I mean what if the birds go to the wrong human???? P.S. Another thing that impreses humans is if you go to the library or onto the internet and look up things about them... I tried it to convince my mom to buy me a pony and it worked!!! Besides how can you live with the fact if you don't get them that they could cry all night for you and you'll never come!!!!!

Oh my God! How can you resist those little faces? They are too sweet and gorgeous and you must take them home and love them.

They are just do darned cute, I'll envy you if you do, and they need a good home! I'd love to have lories, particularly Goldies, but at this time, I haven't convinced myself to take on their diet (just from a time standpoint).

Every decent home would be incredibly proud of having them! ;) ... and every he-human of taste should love covering his mate with living jewels like these instead of ordinary dead jewelry.

They take great pictures! Plus their so small that they don't take up much room at all.

You are absolutely in love with them and can not live without them. They can be your Xmas and birthday gift this year. And besides they don't take up much space, and bring a lot of joy. They really make you happy! :-)

Angels always bring good luck! And two angels bring twice as much.

Pleeeeeeeeease see comments to Splat and Retro. We are experienced preeners and work as a team. We eat the things you usually don't and our poop is a little runny but hey we're very little so how big can our poop be!!!!!!
Pip and Squeak

Roses are red,
Violet is our head,
If you bring us home,
you won't have to make Gordy dead!

I like Gordy and I would hate to see him hurt or injured over such 2 small matters!

These two are the cutiest little things I have seen...but I have a Lory and I can tell you that they are the best. Mine eats dried fruit and I guess cuz the fruit is dry it dries out the poopy a little, cuz we don't have runny poopy problems, sure its a little wet but it doesn't shoot across the room like we thought - besides - and this is the biggest reason - the she-human loves them and the he-human cannot deny her what she loves!!!! GO GET THE DARN THINGS AND HAPPY LORY-ING!!!!

If you'll look closely at the picture, BOTH lories are saying "Pueeeeese take uth home wif you. We wuv you! We wanths ta gwo up wif you and pway wif yo udda fids! Pueeese?? Wew be waiting fo you..."

Say to him.. remember that night you promised me you loved me and you'd do anything for me? Its time to come through w/ that promis and get "The Little Angels" Oh thank you Gordy you won't regret it tonight I PROMISE!!!

They look like little salt and pepper shakers

They are so cute and loveable. I have a Blue-Streaked Lory and she is such a ham. Brandy loves to play with her toys and is fun to watch. She is a great talker and loves everyone.

If you don't it means the terrorists have won!!! What red-blooded American could say no to faces like that - get them TODAY! - do it for your country!!!!

It is an amazing party trick to shoot a stream of liquidy feces at people. What a hoot!! Great ice breaker, also a good way to remove that last malingerer that won't go home at the end of the night.