Dutch's Story

My name is Dutch (formally Candy until DNA test results came back) and I am a three-year old Catalina Macaw. I was told that being a Catalina means I am half Scarlet Macaw and half Blue and Gold Macaw.
My favorite pet person Gordon found me in a pet store in Humble, Texas. The nice people at the pet store told him that I had been in and out of my previous owner's house a few times. Eventually, I came to be an adopted resident of ABC Pets in Humble, Texas.
My days at the pet shop were pretty fun. There were a lot of great big birds like myself and they all had beautiful colors. I really started to like hanging out with them, we would scream and squawk at all the visitors. The day that Gordon came in I was in a rather good mood and he caught me a little off guard, for I was sweet and lovable. No one suspected that I had a couple of small "issues" with pet people, and he promptly took me home with him. In my new pet people's defense, they assure me they would have done so even if I had been grumpy that day.
Gordon has his own pet person too, and her name is Mikie, I just call her "Aawk!" - I think that she is okay, but she jumps every time I lean toward her, and I do enjoy making her jump. Gordon on the other hand, talks to me all the time and doesn't seem at all afraid of my periodic lunges. He is actually getting pretty good about "reading" my moods and I have allowed him to scritch the back of my neck a couple of times as held me on his arm.
I am afraid of a few things such as: spray bottles, towels, and brooms; and my new pet people take great care not to fold clothes in front of me. I love Gordy's home-made cornbread crumble bread and nuts are real yummy too. My girl pet person gives me a nut everytime she passes me, she says its a "don't-eat-me-toll".
I haven't been here at my new pet people's home very long at all, and I intend to check back with you and tell you how I think it is going. I kind of like these people, especially my male pet person. I hope they keep me around for awhile.

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