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Our Prestigious Parrot Awards
Our awards are given out to the most deserving parrot-related sites whenever we can get around to it. Donations of Macadamia Nuts, Roudybush, and of course MONEY will likely get you an award most expeditiously.
Seriously though, we issue the "Parrot Page of Distinction Award" to Parrot Websites that stand out above the rest. We don't require that you make a link back to us. We just want you to display our really cute award on your page if you win it. If you want to link it back to us, well great!
The qualifications for the other two awards are pretty obvious so we won't waste your time explaining them :-)
The coveted Parrot Page of Distinction
award image
Awarded to the parrot website displaying originality, creativity, intelligence, wit, witty intelligence, and all the rest of the really exceptional qualities that parrots are capable of possessing when they feel like it.
The highly sought after Hot Parrot Award
hot award image
Awarded to the website displaying the best-looking, and sexiest parrots on the WWW.
The Sweetest Parrot Award
sweetest award image
Awarded to the website displaying the nicest, most lovable, charming, and courteous parrots on the web.
Ya Wanna see other winners? Well here ya go: Da winners mon

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